When writing a nursing school essay, it is commendable to remember that nurse business is targeted not at illness, but at a person or group of people (family, staff, and society). It is aimed at the solution of problems with health, which take place resulting from various physiological and mental disorders.

The following goals of nurse care can also become a good nursing assignment help:

  • Support to the person in definition and achievement of physical, mental, social health and wellness in close relation to the social and ecological surrounding of this person. It is the so-called holistic (integral) approach to a patient as a biopsychosocial being. At the same time, this approach can be well developed in one’s nursing coursework.
  • Contributing to health strengthening in the society.
  • Maximum participation of the person when looking after one’s health.
  • Preventing the patients’ health disorders. Scholars can also consider this goal as the basis for their term paper.
  • Relief or minimization of an adverse effect of delicate health or illness on an individual.
  • Satisfaction of human needs in physical, emotional or social support (if faced with illness, weakness or death). Concerning this goal, it may become a good starting point for your future dissertation. Nursing is the sphere that swarms with topics for academic papers.

Objects of nurse care can be:

  • Individual (patient).
  • Family (patient’s family members).
  • The society where this patient lives.

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